How Aging Affects Your Brain

Our practice is focused on developing income plans for those at or near retirement age. More broadly, though, we enjoy helping clients live a more satisfying retirement – emotionally, mentally, physically and psychologically.

As dementia and Alzheimer’s disease become more common, we have been interested to learn more about how the brain ages and strategies to minimize cognitive decline. Many of you may know our business partner, Fran Tarkenton, who at 76 years old, continues to start and run businesses, write books, and innovate. But, did you know:

  • Giuseppe Verdi was still composing operas in his 80s.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright designed his last building at 89.
  • Robert Frost (poetry), George Bernard Shaw (playwright) and Georgia O’Keefe (painter) were still producing well into their 90s.

Fran’s partners at Deans Consulting have developed a white paper on “Strategies for Minimizing Cognitive Decline.”  The short answers include:

  1. Get more exercise
  2. Eliminate processed sugar
  3. Make simple changes to your diet
  4. Learn new things, play, socialize and be productive

For a copy of the full report on “Strategies for Minimizing Cognitive Decline,” contact us.  And as always, let us know if we can help develop a written retirement income plan for YOU!

Here’s to a healthy retirement!