Is your family protected from financial loss?

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be used many different ways but the most effective is in the role of income replacement. Quality of life can be greatly reduced with a death of a spouse. With the appropriate coverage the surviving spouse can maintain the same standard of living.

PF_ManWife_2– Term

– Universal Life

– Whole Life

– Equity Indexed Life

Indexed Annuities

Indexed Annuities provide tax deferred growth and can offer returns similar to the market while providing downside protection. Many indexed annuities also offer a fixed component so investors and benefit from both market returns and credited interest in down years.
Single premium immediate annuities (SPIA) provide income for a fixed period or for a lifetime which can include the lifetime of a spouse. SPIA’s are a tool that can be used indexed-annuitieswithout the fear of running out of income in retirement.

– Fixed

– Fixed Equity Index

– Immediate

Disability Insurance

Loss of income due to disability is the main cause of bankruptcy in the United States today. You have made a significant investment in your business career. You have worked hard acquiring an education and building a reputation but an unexpected and prolonged disability resulting from injury or illness could severely threaten these. Protecting your investment in yourself, your career, and your business should be an integral part of your financial planning.

Long-Term Care

Over 50% of individuals over the age of 65 will need some sort of extended medical care. Long-term care sometimes referred to as senior care is an important tool for preserving assets as well as choosing the type of care you want and where you want to receive care. A qualified long-term care policy can provide care in your home. Planning for extended medical care is an essential component of preserving assets.